Patient Support Groups

Psychological and emotional support with an empathy approach are critical for both the patient and care giver are critical in the journey of healing. Our Center for Cancer care provides a range of services towards this.

  • Volunteers and Social Workers
    The department has a group of volunteers and social workers who counsel the patient and their family members with regards to the various aspect of cancer care, right from emotional to financial support.
  • Support Groups:
    The department has two active support groups, Mahek and Udaan. Mahek is the support group for women cancer and Udaan is the support group for all other types of cancers of any age and gender. The support groups are active and conduct various activities amongst themselves to offer support to each other.

The endocrinology department runs a diabetes support group for diabetics, both, juvenile and adult. The group conducts meeting once a month in which members are given knowledge on various subjects from diseases to its management and other lifestyle topics that are relevant and would help these patients lead a good and happy life.